How to Make Money as a Writer?

How to Make Money as a Writer?
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If you are thinking that writers are no longer in demand and we have moved into a world where writers can’t survive, then you need to think again. Writing is one of the biggest ways of online money making. If you are good at writing and wish to make money online, then all you need to do is just devoting some of your time and soon you will earn quite good enough. There are many ways to earn money online as a writer. There are many websites which gives you upfront money for writing. In this post, we are going to discuss a few ways to making online money as a writer.

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Maintain a blog

There are very rare chances that a personal blog will help you in online money making. Try to start a blog where you can share some information. A technology or health blog is always a hit. You can start a blog which is dedicated to one topic or which solves out all the problems regarding one single thing. A multi niche blog can also be started, but it will take time to yield money. However a blog may take time to yield money. Once a blog starts attracting audience, you can try various methods to make money online. You can use Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and advertisement. Make sure that the content of your blog is unique and original.

Ghostwrite for someone

Ghostwriting means writing a post for someone else. It will be published by another name. There are so many bloggers out there who are expert in tricks of online money making. However, they need writers for their blog so that they can fully concentrate on how to make money online. You can easily find these kind of bloggers on social media groups. You can also ghost write for people who have very much knowledge, but don’t know how to pen it down. There is a very high demand of ghost writers in the internet market.

Write for Newspaper and Magazines

The number of persons who reads an actual newspaper is very much less as compared to people who read it on their phone or tab.  However, the market still needs writers. If you are good at writing reports, reviews and opinions, then you can go for this method to earn money online. There are many print media agencies who always look out for full time writers. However, you can also try contract basis content writing where you will get a specific amount of money for a fixed number of articles.

By writing for some specific websites

This is the most common way of online money making as a writer. There are many websites which are ready to give you direct money for your content. All you need to do is just choose any one of them and get started. eLance, oDesk and Freelancer are known to all but there are many others too.

Top websites which will give you money for writing:

  • Squidoo: Although, this community is now owned by hub pages, but still it is one of the top websites where you can make money online by writing. Articles on this site are called hubs. Once you have posted a hub, ads of similar kind of products matching to that hub will run on the website. Once the product is sold due to your hub, you will get half of whatever Squidoo makes from that hub.
  • Helium Network: It is a writing community where you can either write your own article or you can write for any of Helium’s client. Money can also be earned via their Ad revenue program where you will be paid for the amount of traffic your personal article attracts to their site.
  • Triond: It is also a writing community just like helium network. The only difference is that, you can add audio, video and pictures with your posts. You can also track your post views, traffic and earning by a user dashboard.

There are many other similar websites like Fiverr, etc.  There are few things which we would like to mention. Online money making is an art which can be accomplished with patience and smart work. You should be smart enough to know whether you can trust a client or not. Having a PayPal account will give you an extra advantage as most of these websites uses PayPal for transferring money. This was all about how you can make online money as a content writer.

Comments (4)

  • Atish brother making money as a writer is not as easy as some people think. A writer needs to make sure that he makes the client happy by writing the most appropriate content. At the same time a writer has to get sure that the content has no grammatical or punctuation mistake. I recently wrote a post about Online Jobs for students and I kept freelancing at top as I have myself done SEO content writing for a company for 4 years.

    Ghost writing and writing for magazines is what I’ll recommend to writers who want to earn money regularly from writing. Good to see that you’re publishing posts like this one as it may motivate students to take writing as their part time job.

    • Money never comes easily Mohit but writers have surely greater chances to make money online. Yes, if you have quality then you can earn through writing.

      Thanks for coming by Mohit.

  • Hello Atish,

    Agree with your ways of making money as a writer. There are hell lot of online ways to earn with the writing skills. I love writing the most and I shaped my writing career through an awesome website named “iwriter”. Payout was very prompt ($2.62 for 500 words) over there and the writers can choose their preferred topics to write.

    Also with Fiverr, I’ve earned a lot through my scripting skill. Due to my time limitations, I’ve stopped working with those sites and just writing for my blog. But I’m still providing my writing service for a prompt paying guy and am happy with it 😛

    You’ve listed some good ways to earn online as a writer. Writing with creative eye and without grammatical mistakes would let the writers to earn a huge income on the web.

    Thanks for presenting this good post for us 🙂


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