How to Make Money Online? 5 Different Ways to Earn Money Online

How to Make Money Online? 5 Different Ways to Earn Money Online
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Make Money Online – An Introduction

The Internet is one of the best media in a current scenario which is useful for many things. It can be used for entertainment, for gaining knowledge, for making friends, for knowing about what’s happening in the world and it can also be used to earn money. Online money-making is an art which can be quickly learned. All you need to do is give some time and efforts.


Hard work and patience is the ultimate key to success for making online money. There are many different and unique ways to make money online. Few of them are known to everyone while few of them are still not so much popular. In this post, I will tell you about few of those methods which you can use to learn and earn money online:


Blogging is one of the easiest yet challenging ways of online money-making. There are so many people or rather bloggers who are making much better than a person working in MNC. Although, it is a time-consuming process, and it might take a month or two to set up an excellent blog, but once it is done, it can be used in many ways to make money online.

All you need to do is to brainstorm on your niche or topic on which you need to make a blog. You can easily get a hosting from any hosting provider. Content is the central part of the field of blogging. The success of your blog depends on the quality of content and the amount of research you put in it. Just type the world, “how to become a blogger, ” and you will find so many useful guides to become one.

Content Writing

If you thought that in this modern world of technology there is no need of writers, then you need to think again. If you are good at writing, you can easily earn money online. There are so many bloggers in the market who are looking for a good content writer for their blogs and websites. All you need to do is find yourself a client. You can also take help from sites like freelancer.

There are also many Facebook groups dedicated to writers where you can easily find a customer. If you are ready to spend it more time, you can also become a content creator where you need to create content for any website. Read more about making money by writing.

Affiliate Marketing

With so many e-commerce stores coming up each and every day, the chances of making online money is also increasing. Affiliate marketing means you need to be the bridge between the buyer and the seller.

There are many ways of affiliate marketing. You can make a Facebook page and can start placing ads on that page. You can also put ads on your websites. You can get a good commission for each sale you make. Although, there is no doubt in a fact that affiliate marketing is not that much easy. You need to be active on social media and should come up with innovative ideas.

Filling Online Surveys

Make Money Online - legitimate-online-surveys-picture

Surveys are considered as boring. However, if you wish to make money online, filling up online surveys is also one method. You can earn up to $2 for just filling a single survey. There are many websites to try like TolunaVivaticThe Opinion PanelMySurveyYouGov, etc. You can also try which gives you money for filling up surveys and also for surfing the web and playing games.

By surfing the net

Surfing by the net is by far the easiest method for online money making (if not taking online payday loans into account, of course). Sites like gives you money for searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo. All you need to do is just install a simple add-on to your browser, and whenever you find anything, it will yield a sponsored results. Each result carried a cash reward. If you are interested in that, you just need to click on it and collect the money.

Apart from these methods, there are many other methods too for online money making. If you are good at graphic designing, programming then the internet is full of ways to make money online. Let us know which method you are going to choose to earn money online.

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  • Hi Atish,

    Needless to add, you always surprise us with your informative post.

    The websites my survey was known to me and others I will check as per your declaration.

    Earning 2$ through one survey is good deal. Thanks for the post..

    • Thanks Di for coming by on my brand new blog. There are hell lot of money making ideas over internet and still uncovered. I will be sharing a lot of tips and tricks that can help newbies as well as experienced ones make good money out of their efforts.


  • Hearty wishes for your brand new blog Atish, will be here to give my support by sharing your posts on my network.

    You’ve listed some real money making ways online. Few years back I earned some bucks with survey jobs, it was good. Persons who have good writing skill can make a steady income with blogging and content writing. I wish to do AM and you know, time is my biggest constraint.

    Yet to try the other ways of earning cash online which you’ve mentioned in this post, will give a try soon.

    Keenly expecting your money making posts to read, keep spreading the ideas.

    Have a great week ahead and take care of yourself 🙂

  • Nice post. All the best for new site. This kind of posting will help other people.

  • Hello Atish,

    Nowadays everyone wants to make more money and you give them best way of money making tips.

  • Hi Atish,
    great post on methods to make money online.

    You know that generating an income with the internet requires efforts and hard work.
    But later on, it pays off!

    Nice new projects here,
    good luck! 🙂

  • Hi Atish bro, congratz on this brand new blog waiting to be made into a brand.
    I am glad you chose such an elegant and awesome theme for this blog.

    • Thank you Swadhin. Thanks for your good words about the theme. I have done few CSS tweaks to make it look different.

  • Hi Atish bro, congratz on this brand new blog waiting to be made into a brand.
    I am glad you chose such an elegant and awesome theme for this blog.
    I am watiting to reading more of money making tricks here on magnet2money. 🙂

  • hey Atish congrats for your new blog. Nowadays everyone wants to make money online. I am also soon going to publish a post about online jobs on my blogs. Increasing number of earning opportunities online seem to be one of the reasons that is making students and other people attracted to online jobs. I hope that this blog of yours will provide good information to all those who want to start earning online. I think that this is just the start of something big. All the Best.

    • Thanks for your kind visit Mohit. Yes, money is the need of human being and everyone has hunger of $$. I will be sharing every possible ways of money making on this blog. Stay tuned!

  • Hi Atish

    How wonderfully you communicated your message in simple terms and without spinning the topic is really commendable.

    If someone does every bid to sell it is called dumping and Far Eastern Countries like Korea, Taiwan and China are so fond of doing this method which means to force buyers buy their products.

    Being a blogger our effort should be to show the best aspects of a product and best info without coating any kind of sugar on it as you did in this post and well covered the topic by providing all necessary info which one needs to get.

    Thanks for this wonderful post and big congrats on this new project. Good beginning is half done and you have done this man.

    • Thank you so much Mi Muba sir. Its great to hear that you liked the blog post and the blog. I want to make it a brand like TTW and

      Thanks for coming by.

  • Hey

    Awesome post. Nowadays everyone wants to make more money and you have shared the best way of money making tips. Thanks for your help and keep it up.


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