How to Make Money with PPD sites?

How to Make Money with PPD sites?
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We are living in a technological era wherein everyone is exposed to internet. We keep digging much helpful stuff on the web specifically on how to make money online? If you’re looking for a simple but genuine way to earn huge income on the net, PPD websites can play an immense part in fulfilling your needs. Let discuss some essential matters to make money with PPD sites through this post.

Pay Per Download (PPD) Site

If you have an upright digital content and wanna earn money with it, you may make use of Pay Per Download site. It will allow you to upload your files and you’ll be getting paid if anyone downloads them.

PPD Sites

Tips to make money with PPD sites

1. Pay per download is an honest way to monetize your files like games, videos, e-books, software, podcasts etc. You may upload these types of contents to the legitimate PPD sites and you’ll get a fresh link for the people who are interested to download your content. You could earn minimum $1 per download through a genuine PPD website.

2. If you don’t have your own stuff, you may search some interesting files like to games, music, and software with no copyrights and upload these records to PPD sites. You may download e-books for free with resale right through a site like Or else, you can buy some exciting links and convert into pay per download links. Make sure that you’re not uploading porn related files.

3. You may use YouTube, social networks or attractive landing page to promote your link. Also, you can consider spreading your link in forums and message boards. Whatever be the medium, be creative in describing your product to let the people to download your files without hesitation. You may upload multiple files to the PPD websites but sometimes the visitors may need to fill the survey to download your content.

4. Some PPD websites incorporate affiliate system where the affiliates will promote your links to make others to download your stuff. Here, you have a pay a commission for them. Likewise, you can act as an affiliate marketer to spread out other’s link and earn money by getting commission from them through PPD websites.

5. A lot of scams and frauds exist in PPD industry that never pay your hard-earned money and thus you need to stay away from such sites by checking some of its qualities. Genuine payment method, low cash out requirement and 24*7 customer support are some of the features of legitimate PPD sites.

However, to make money with get paid to download, it would be good to test out the following things!

Things to look while choosing a PPD site

Prominence – Read the reviews of some top PPD sites on forums and other websites. Have a look at the contact details and then choose some best PPD sites to upload your files.

Payment Method – Check its payment mode is secure or not. It would be good if they pay through PayPal, Amazon payments or any other protected pay out method.

Terms & Conditions – Verify the guidelines of the chosen PPD site to avoid getting banned or account termination. Accept the terms & condition after reading them.

Pricing Plans – Price per download varies with different PPD sites and depends upon the size of the files that you’re uploading. Look for sign-up charge, most of the PPD websites allows you to register for free.

5 Best PPD Sites that pays well

Here we are going to discuss 5 of the best Pay Per Download Sites to make money with your files.

1. Dollarupload

  • Trusted Pay per download website
  • Earning potential – 30 cents to $20 for single download
  • Support 240+ countries
  • Multiple payout options

2. Sharecash

  • Popular PPD site
  • Earn $1 – $20 for every download
  • Have innovative tools & helpful community
  • Flexible payments like PayPal, Wire transfer etc.

3. PureBits

  • Highest paying PPD website
  • Get up to $20 per download
  • Blog has excellent guides to make money with PPD sites
  • Best live support team

4. Fileice

  • Revolutionary pay per Download site
  • Download platform is secure
  • Have advanced features & innovative tools
  • Dedicated support

5. Cleanfiles

  • Most efficient PPD network
  • Easy file uploads & weekly payments
  • Advanced file manager
  • Friendly support from staffs

Final Words

Making money online is somewhat a tricky and time-consuming process. If you go with traditional money making ideas, you need to invest some quality time and smart work to get hold of good results. But there are some ways through which you can earn a decent income online without putting much effort.

One such way I discussed above is making money with PPD sites. If you have digital content to monetize, consider earning through PPD websites. Here, your earning potential depends on the worth and demand of the files that you’re uploading.

So, just upload your files, promote your PPD download link and earn cash spare time. I hope that I’ve explained enough stuff by providing some essential details along with some top PPD sites to earn money on the internet.

What do you think about this way to make money with PPD sites? Are you already making some dough through this honest method? Did I miss to mention any of the best PPD sites in the post? Feel free to share your thoughts in comment section.

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  • Hi Atish,

    Good to check your basic guide to earn money with PPD websites. I don’t have my own files to upload and make money 🙁

    I’m planning to write an e-book, but it is in a far way!

    Thanks for mentioning a site to get free eBooks with resale rights, will check that website.

    Few of my friends are earning with their own content through landing page, I will recommend your post and insist them to monetize their content through PPD websites.

    Thanks for revealing this online earning method for us.

  • Great! Really I was not aware about such PPD concept. Such things must be tried to get earn some penny. And I guess if anyone have quality and useful stuffs then they can earn a lot from such sites.

    Thanks for adding this to my knowledge.

    >SK Lohar

    • Thank you for coming by Shiv. Yes there are a lot of things which can help you make money online. Glad you liked the post.

  • Hello Atish,

    Nice article bro. I was unaware of this method. Thanks so much for sharing this method. I will also say thanks to you because you have shared some sites from where we can make money through PPD methods.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Moumita Ghosh

  • Making money with PPD is not too tough once you have huge number of targeted visitors. Here targeted visitors matters a lot otherwise payout become zero.

  • Dear Atish Ranjan,

    Very good work atish. Few years back i tried this PPD concept on my blogspot blogs. worked well. I have the experience with shareasale service. remaining all are new to me. Now i will try this new services for my blogs. Really helpful article for every blogger who are working on any niche blog. Once again thank you for this awesome list.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty


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