Guidelines to Make Money as an SEO Professional

Guidelines to Make Money as an SEO Professional
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Internet is ruling the world and thus businesses of all sizes need the online presence to produce quality leads and sales opportunities. Moreover, digital marketing plays a vital role in improving the brand awareness of the business and reaching the targeted people. Let’s have an in-depth look on why the businesses need an SEO specialist and how to make money online as an SEO professional through this post.


Why businesses hire an SEO expert?

Say, if you have a business website which looks great with a lot of multimedia sizzle. But if it fails to get the intended visitors and converting them into clients, then what would have happen? Obviously, it would lead to negative impact on revenue.

Not only for the above cause! An SEO specialist is indeed needed for the business concerns for the following reasons.

  1. Get better search engine results
  2. Tackle Google Zoo animals
  3. Saves time and energy to acquire concurring audience
  4. SEO tools and training materials are cost-effective
  5. Helps to focus the core competence

What are the basic skills needed to earn money online as an SEO expert?

So, now you familiar why SEO specialists are in demand! If you have good SEO knowledge, you can make a steady online income. Or if you’re a novice in SEO filed, it would be good to practise the following skills to make money as an SEO.

1. Keyword Researching

Keyword research is the critical part of search engine optimization to build the website and develop the content. This process identifies the phrases used on search engines by the people. Based on the search volume and relative competitiveness, SEO experts need to choose the keywords related to the business to get better SERPs (Search Engine Page Ranking).

2. Writing talent

You might get wonder with my saying that writing skill is essential for SEO expert. Yes, SEO is not just using the keywords at various places of the content. Adding quality content with creative taglines and call to action is more important to please the visitors.

 3. Technical expertise

This is the vital skill needed to make money as an SEO professional. On-page optimization (use of keywords at appropriate places and HTML tags), Off-page optimization (link building and social media marketing) are the main technical expertise of an SEO. Also, determining the structure of a website to understand how it is easy or tough for the search engines to crawl and index the content is an upright technical skill required for an SEO.

 4. Analytical ability

Apart from the technical and writing talent, a good SEO authority should boast analytical ability to recognize the mindset of the audience & the information needed for them. Likewise, observing patterns and identifying long-term effects would make the SEO professionals to perform well for their clients.

 5. Research-oriented

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing! Hence, it is essential for the SEO practised persons to involve themselves in doing experiments with various tools, find resources, attend meetings and read some active blogs to keep updating and to cope-up with the search engine algorithm changes.

Not only the above five skills, a good SEO proficient person should possess a little web hosting familiarity, modest programming language cleverness in PHP, HTML, JavaScript and good communication skill to make a solid returns with SEO as career.

Where to find SEO jobs online?

Internet is flooded with money making opportunities and for SEOs too! If you’re showing keen interest to find online SEO jobs, you may make use of the below web places.

1. – It’s a huge market place designed for SEO services. You may join here to sell your service.

2. Freelance websites – You might be well aware of some popular freelance sites like Elance, Odesk and Freelancers to get SEO jobs online.

3. Internet marketing forums & Fiverr – You may make use of internet marketing forum like Warrior Forum and Fiverr to put up your SEO service for sale.

4. Social Networks – By doing proper search, you may get good SEO jobs online through social media like Twitter and LinkedIn.

How much can I make money as an SEO Professional?

People with immense SEO awareness may get challenging roles like director of search marketing who fix the core direction of SEO, Organic search manager to manage a team of SEO professionals, SEO lead who have responsibility for entire SEO activities of a company and SEO specialist who optimize the page content. With these grand SEO positions, one could earn huge salary ranging from $45,000 to $350,000.

SEO agency work for medium and small size business and it has some exciting job positions like SEO director, Search Marketing consultant, Link Builder, SEO researcher and Client relations controller. These SEO roles would also pay a huge salary ranges from $30,000 to $200,000.

If you work for a small company or offering your SEO services to the needful webmasters, your wages would be somewhat good.



For every internet business, the key to make money online is traffic and the best way to get traffic is through search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. The most excellent way to drive search engine traffic is by optimizing the websites for specific keywords to rank well in the search engine results and this task can be done by an SEO specialist.

The demand for SEO experts is high and it is constantly rising for the reasons mentioned in the post. SEO is a recognized career where a lot people made a huge income by demonstrating their skills. If you’re a talented techie and have petite awareness in SEO, you may practice the above listed skills to earn decent revenue with it.

I hope that you have grabbed some basic details on how to make money as an SEO professional! But you might expect more tips and ask “How to make myself as an SEO expert?” Stay tuned to catch such kind of sensible tips.

Meanwhile, just answer to my questions! Do you earn money with your SEO skills? If Yes, How? Which other SEO skills would you like to add in the list? Did I miss to mention any valid data? Use comment section to give you viewpoints

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  • Atish, there are many bloggers as well as other people who’re now interested in becoming a SEO professional. As more and more businesses are getting online, there will be lot of opportunities available for SEO professionals. Becoming a SEO professional is not an easy job as one needs to have lot of knowledge about the changes happening in SEO world.

    Atish you definitely have all the skills to become a SEO expert. I’ll waiting to see you working on SEO projects for your clients. Keep writing informative blog posts like this one.

    • Hello Mohit,

      I have worked for a lot of client as an SEO but that projects I did while working in a firm. Moreover, I am looking forward to working for my own clients. Lets see how it goes.

  • Good instructions Atish!

    I know few of the fellow bloggers offering their SEO service for newbies and earning good income with it. But I completely unaware of the various SEO positions which you’ve mentioned here. Its really good to know that the SEO professionals are getting huge income by working for businesses.

    You’ve nicely explained the he basic skills of SEO and I.m still lagging in coding skill. Thanks for presenting this helpful post Atish, have a great rest of the week 🙂


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