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Are you trying to build your online store? WixStores is one of the most effective and easy ways to build your online store.

Do you face problems due to lack of coding knowledge? Are you actually wasting your precious time on making an online store on your own? Are you paying a hefty amount to someone for creating your online web store? If the answer to all of these or any one of these questions is yes, then you need an easy-to-use website builder, which can help you out. So, to help all these businesses to flourish and have their online web store, has come up with WixStores. WixStores is one of the most effective and easy way to build an online e-commerce website. In this post, you’re going to grab the necessary details about WixStores, and step-by-step guide on how to make your online Web store by using WixStores.

With online stores getting so much popularity and success, every small business person is trying to build one.

What is and what it is all about?

Founded in 2006, is a leader in website building and has been trusted by over 60 million users all around the world. It is very much popular among users, and it receives over 45,000 new sign-ups daily.  It is a Do It Yourself (DIY) website builder, which enables users to create their online web store without using codes or any other designing skills. The site offers some amazing features like HTML5 and App Market, which is the reason it is loved and so widely used.


What is WixStores?

WixStores is the online store builder of It is the most effective way to create an online store. The best part about this website builder is that you don’t need to have any coding or HTML skills to build a web store. Even a newbie can make an online web store by using this website. There is a large collection of fully customizable templates offered by, and it is even cheaper than hiring a coder/designer to make that perfect and ideal online web store. The whole process of making an eCommerce website involves only 10-12 steps, and that too takes only a few hours.

Striking Features of WixStores

  • HTML-5 Based Editor

WixStores uses a simple HTML5 based editor. The best thing about this editor is that it allows heavy customization. You don’t need to write any code for anything, all you need to do is select your best option and apply it, as easy as it can be.

  • Large Collection of beautiful templates

Your store’s template will make your website unique and beautiful. WixStores is equipped with a large collection of beautiful templates to choose from. All the templates offered are designed in such a way that it will also be optimized for smartphones, tablets, and more. If you have some knowledge about template designing, you can create your custom template too.

  • Web Applications

You can create a fully functional online web store by using WixStores. It allows you to add features like newsletters, contact forms, site boosters, Google AdSense, and more to your store. You can add coupons or discount codes with your products and if you wish, you can also send a thank you message to your buyer. A detailed product page can be easily created and you can add up to 20 images images for each product in your store.

  • Free Hosting

This is an added advantage and a feature that you will love. Even if you are not using the premium service of the website, you will get free and secure hosting for your website.

  • Effective Checkout Process

WixStores offers an effective and excellent gateway for payment. It allows you to change the tax rules and cost of the product as per the buyer’s geographical location. You can make it so that each and every buyer will also receive a confirmation mail on his provided email address after paying for the product.

  • Plethora of Features

You can add a blog to your site. You can add Facebook comments and social share buttons. You can easily manage your store’s orders and can send a newsletter to registered emails. Support is available 24-7, Discount code creator and so on, WixStores offers a plethora of features.

A Step by Step Guide To Create Online Web Stores Using WixStores:

Just follow our simple guide and you will be able to create your eCommerce website easily. You will need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit and click on sign up at the top right side. Now sign up for the service by entering your email id and detail. To save time and efforts, you can also use your Facebook or Google account.


  • As soon as you sign up for the service, the account page will get open. Click on “Start Creating Now” and select the category as per your choice. You can also select sub-category if you wish. Select the desired template and click on edit and view.
    Now, you are on the main page of setting up your website. There are six editors that will help you in creating your online store.


  • Just click on the first icon of the editor, “Pages”, and you will see a drop down list. It is used to create and edit pages for your website. You can create pages like the product page, shopping cart, thank you page etc.


  • The design editor allows you to change background, color and font of your website. The level of customization is so high that you can even upload an image for your background.


  • The add editor is one of the most important editors that allows you to customize your website. You can add image, text, media, blog, social networking sites to your website by using this editor.


  • The next icon in the editor is the Wix App Market and is used to add some extra features to the website. It offers huge number of cool and popular web apps, which can easily be added to your website.


  • The “settings” icon of the editor allows you to set things like site address, SEO, Social Settings etc. You can even change your favicon by using this editor.


  • This editor allows you to manage store and add products to the website. It can also be used for making the website live and functional.


  • Click on the button as shown in the figure below to edit the website for mobile or tablet. All the six editors will be displayed in the same manner. The site will offer you a short tutorial to let you know how to use it.


  • Click on save button on the top right side of the screen and your work will be saved. If you are sure about the settings, you can even publish your work from there. Click on publish if you want to publish your website or you can see few upgrade options to make it better.



WixStores offers different price plans for different kind of businesses. If you are interested in the WixStores feature, then you have two options. One, is to give with the eCommerce premium package, and the rates for this package are as follows:

-yearly plan $24.92/month

-monthly plan $29.90/month

Or you can go with the VIP plan, which rates are as follows:

-yearly plan $16.17/month

-monthly plan $19.90/month

Both the plans include $75 Google Adwords Gift Vouchers and 2 Apps worth $118.  You will get free hosting and premium support with all the plans.

For more details, just check below the pricing plans offered by WixStores.


Final Verdict

WixStores has totally changed the concept of building online web stores. Now, anyone can build his e-commerce website in just a few simple steps. This online store builder offers some amazing features at an attractive price. If you are planning to build an online store, do consider using WixStores and you won’t regret it.

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