Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use OpenCart

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use OpenCart
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OpenCart is an open free source for web designing or web development. Started in 2007, it is now the fastest growing open source Content Management System in e-commerce. Its reliability and flexibility with the web hosts or servers make it the one of the best software medium for web designing and drafting.

This tool comes up with innumerable features that make it one of the best among the others. Below are the top 5 reasons for choosing OpenCart as your trusted web designer. Go through these in order to get enlightened about its amazing features and functionalities:


1. It is free for access and furnishes free upgrades for web designing

The access, download, and installation of OpenCart are absolutely free of cost. Moreover, even after free installation, the maintenance cost is very low. All its support, features and upgrades are also free for the users. If you need to install any special feature in your website, and you are unable to view the same in the OpenCart extension, then Open Cart Development Company will at once develop that required extension to serve your purpose. You just need to convey your message regarding your exact need and the company will furnish you with the details and other necessary links for the said feature.

2. Time-saving software for web designing

Time plays a vital role in any domain; it can build or break anything. As such a time-saving software for web, designing has become the urgent need of the hour. OpenCart gets downloaded instantly, and it can be installed easily in the system without any complication. As such apart from the time required in choosing the appropriate web host, no further time is required for web designing under OpenCraft.

The features and extensions are comprehensible and can be applied at once. This “One Click Away” characteristic of the OpenCart again saves the maximum amount of time which may be otherwise wasted in editing the website.

3. Multi-linguistic ability in the field of web content interpretation

To operate worldwide, one needs to know the colloquial languages to attract the targeted native customers of any particular country, city or region. In a similar manner, OpenCart follows this basic trend of Multi-language flexibility while designing the websites. You can design your website or interpret its content in whatever language you required (which is supported by OpenCart) and keep your website running high among the native customers from all across the globe.

4. SEO and team support under OpenCart is best for web designing

To attract more and more customers, you need to drag them to your website. The maximum number of people does a keyword search, and this keyword search is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). OpenCart truly understands the vibes of the customer’s hearts and transform their most typed keywords into your web content. OpenCart has an active team with a group of active customers who round the clock check and update the features of this system and make it more user-friendly and up-to-date.

5. Categorically distinctive modules to choose from

Modules of the website change with the website content, targeted customer and with the type of the product. Keeping these things under consideration, at least 11 different modules are enlisted under OpenCart to choose from. These modules include Google talk, Manufacturers, Featured, Bestsellers, Information, Latest, Specials and many others which the users find to be highly useful while designing their website.

Now after knowing these lucrative features of OpenCart, you must be anxious to use the same. But before you hit the official website of OpenCart to download it and install it, you need to accomplish one vital task, and this important task is choosing a perfect OpenCart hosting service. A web hosting service is a service which provides a secure and free place for your website to reside in the online world.

How can MilesWeb help?

MilesWeb is a renowned name in the domain of Indian web hosting services. This authentic web host has garnered enough name and fame in the field of web hosting. Being compatible with OpenCart and all its features, MilesWeb is considered to be an ideal choice for developing websites with OpenCart.

This interface provides quick and easy installation along with secure backup and high bandwidth for high speed to load your website instantly. Moreover, it does not furnish any kind of Contracts or Tie-Ins.

Keeping all the features and reasons in mind, choosing OpenCart is the best choice indeed when you are out there to design your website in the online world. This CMS gives a tough competition to other similar tools regarding the services it caters. You will find some other lucrative features of OpenCart once you log in to OpenCart’s registered website.

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  • Opencart is very easy to handle and to make its setup. You can install opencart to web hosting server. Also, there are many different kinds of theme available in opencart.

  • Its been 2 years now I am with MilesWeb!! I join them because of their extensive product line and availability of service. Till now I never feel disappointed. In fact they exceeded my expectations. They continually bring new product in control panel and many of them are free based. Getting all under same company with hugh product length make myself delight and comfortable to work!!!

  • Hey Daisy ,

    Nice Share!!

    I completely agree with you that it is very crucial that ecommerce website should work efficiently. When choosing ecommerce software, we all should make sure that it is search engine as well as user-friendly. OpenCart for example, offers features like multiple languages, about 20 payment options, 8 shipping methods and even multiple currencies.

    I was totally unaware of the feature of Search Engine Optimization that OpenCart software provides. I was amazed to read that OpenCart understands the vibes of the customer’s hearts and transform their most typed keywords into the web content.

    It seems to be very beneficial and useful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I have been used many hosting in my development career. I always having issues with solving technical stuff related to servers, whereas I found MilesWeb very helpful and friendly support. They are flexible and always find the way for problems.


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